About Us

The story so far

Far from another faceless corporation, Force24’s biggest asset is the people behind it – an 80 strong team of passionate marketing experts with a range of skills including strategy, design and technical development. We have had one single goal: To provide intuitive marketing automation software and groundbreaking support to UK marketers.

Hard work

In 2010, Managing Director Adam Oldfield began a journey to develop a marketing solution that would learn to engage with each and every contact. The result? A truly intelligent UK-built platform combined with a knowledgeable UK-based team to manage it. The perfect blend of people and technology.

Force24: Our company history in a diagram Force24: Our company history in a diagram

Marketers are strategists.
Thinkers. Experts. Doers.

Adam Oldfield, Managing Director

Adaptable technology
Intelligent by design

In marketing, as in life, there’s no one size fits it all. Force24 has been designed, built and continually updated and configured to solve the ever-changing struggles marketers face.

Platform features

“The innovation of marketers far outweighs the ability of software providers. That’s where vendors like us can race forward, almost at the same speed as the marketers’ minds, creating solutions to common problems and offering the support to implement and manage them.”

Adam Oldfield, Managing Director


Book cover: Untha case story
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“We’ve seen a 44% uplift in the number of enquiries we receive each month as a result of our direct marketing efforts. More importantly, because we can see which pages these contacts have looked at and engaged with across our website, we can hold really relevant conversations with them.”

Marcus Brew – Untha

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Book cover: Keyfleet case study
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“Savvy automation – and compliance – has been made easy. And we really enjoy working with the team.”

Marc Mcloughlin – Keyfleet

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Free training and support – for life

For the lifetime of your agreement with Force24 you will have access to free online one-to-one training for our email marketing automation platform.

Our objective is to empower you via training to ensure you get the maximum return from using your email automation platform.


“Force24 is in an underdeveloped market. We have great technology, but most importantly, we have an elite team of professionals that continue to propel and guide us in line with our set of values.”

Nick Washbourne, Commercial Director