Events marketing

Success at every stage
of the events lifecycle

One of the hardest parts of events marketing is proving ROI. While events as a marketing channel is undoubtedly valuable, attributing a number to it can be difficult.

Icon 1. PRE-EVENT MARKETING: Get people to commit to attending the event and reduce the on-the-day drop out
Icon 2. ON-THE-DAY COMMUNICATIONS: Keep people engaged throughout the event and tell no-shows what they’re missing
Icon 3. POST-EVENT COMMUNICATIONS: Don’t let relationships go cold. Follow up with nurturing campaigns post-event

The Power of Event Marketing

Whether it’s online webinars, in-person exhibitions, conferences or seminars, Force24 has an automation strategy to help you enhance your communications.

Pre-event automation

Create a buzz around your event

Generate excitement in the run up to your event with a series of communications that will encourage prospects to sign up, and fill your attendees with enthusiasm for the upcoming event, reducing the fall out rate.

Force24 makes these key communications simple for events marketing managers, taking the hassle away by managing your automated campaigns for you.

  • Encourage prospects to commit to your event
  • Let Force24 send well-timed reminders to prospects and attendees
  • Get people talking about your upcoming event
  • Upsell and cross-sell your tickets and packages

On the day comms

A Positive Brand Experience From the Start

Once people are buzzing about your event, it’s essential to maintain the momentum. Force24 allows you to take attendees on a journey of automated communications informing them of upcoming sessions and seminars, telling them where to head next and even giving details of lunch and refreshments.

By automating on-the-day communications, you can create a positive brand experience that will help your event make an impact, so you’re free to focus on on ensuring the event itself runs smoothly. 

  • Instantly create a positive brand experience with minimum effort
  • Provide useful information to take the burden off your team
  • Stay organised and in control, happy to help your attendants
  • Create multi-channel touch points for your attendees with email and SMS

Post-event automation

Stay connected and build lasting relationships with attendees

You invested countless resources in marketing your event, so don’t lose these valuable contacts the moment your event comes to a close. Continue the journey with your attendants, and build lasting relationships with valuable prospects.

Force24’s post-event automation allows you to thank your visitors for attending, direct prospects to relevant content, cross-sell your services, or simply continue the positive brand experience that will keep them talking for weeks.

  • Develop a lasting relationship with your attendees
  • Keep attendees engaged and talking about your event
  • Upsell and cross-sell your other events, products and services

Event QR codes

Data collection the smart way

It’s guaranteed that almost every single one of your attendants will have a smartphone. Instead of wasting valuable time and energy collecting data with a clipboard, automate the process with QR codes. Force24 can take this time-consuming task of data collection and list building off your hands.

  • Make data collection easier and more consistent
  • Provide valuable feedback for the events management team
  • Digitally gather key information from your attendants

Free training and support – for life

For the lifetime of your agreement with Force24 you will have access to free online one-to-one training for our email marketing automation platform.

Our objective is to empower you via training to ensure you get the maximum return from using your email automation platform.


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