Smart enough to
know when to ask…

Your focus is to ensure that your campaigns ultimately convert leads into paying customers. We get under the skin of your business, and find out what makes your customers tick, providing strategies and solutions tailored around your business model, to help move prospects over the finishing line.

66% of online customers have made a purchase as a result of an email.
Our goal is for them to purchase from you.

Boost Engagement:
Only deliver content your subscribers want to see

By observing what your subscribers do on your website, and what they engage with via email, Force24 tailors and delivers relevant, dynamic content. This means subscribers are fully engaged with the messages you send.

  • Increase subscriber engagement
  • Ensure only relevant content is served
  • Push contacts on a journey you want them to take
  • Help build buyer personas by seeing what pulls

Combat cart abandonment
and lost leads

Abandoned cart emails generate 60% of their revenue on the day they are sent. Yet surprisingly, only 15% of marketers use this valuable strategy.

Force24’s cart abandonment strategy generates dynamic emails based on the product, price or promotion the user was shopping for, giving them an important final push towards conversion.

  • Retarget hot leads to prevent them from cooling off
  • Generate dynamic emails based on the user’s search or basket
  • Encourage shoppers to complete their purchase with product reviews or case studies to prove its worth

Create campaign-specific
landing pages that convert

Enable prospects to respond to your communications and move down the sales funnel with powerful landing pages for every campaign. Force24 helps marketers create optimised landing pages, without the involvement of your IT department.

Take your prospects on a seamless journey from the email, through to a landing page with a layout, copy and even colours that are proven to drive conversions.

  • Easily create landing pages without needing to call IT support
  • Optimise your page with tried-and-tested techniques
  • Seamlessly integrate landing pages into your marketing campaign

Target prospects
at the right time

79% of B2B marketers have not established lead scoring.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could read your prospects’ minds? If you knew when they were thinking about your services so you could get in touch? Force24’s lead scoring tool is about as close as you can get. It enables you to monitor your subscribers’ actions to identify hot leads who are ready to be targeted for conversion based on specific web pages viewed and the amount of time spent engaging with your brand.

  • Customised lead scoring to monitor engagement
  • Manage telesales by calling the hottest leads first
  • Prioritise the most valuable leads for follow ups based on their product or service needs

An Intelligent
Approach to Telemarketing

Force24 provides your telemarketing team with the intelligence they need to make relevant calls that deliver results.

The system can easily integrate with your internal telesales team, helping them to build and nurture relationships by passing on the web activity of high value leads so that you can target prospects and sell effectively. Your telemarketers can leave notes and set call backs for individual leads, to improve internal communications and optimise your conversion rate.

  • Hot leads automatically transferred to the telesales queue
  • Arrange call-backs, leave notes and share information within the team
  • Provide telemarketers with valuable information they need to convert such as contact browsing history and engagement

Target engaged
prospects by location

Force24’s local area search tool identifies opportunities in a specific town, postcode or region. Our engagement intelligence will help you pick out valuable prospects in a particular area, to inform your telemarketing or field sales team.

By harnessing your prospects’ data, you can channel your efforts into targeting highly-engaged leads, to build up your local stronghold quickly and effectively.

  • Drive conversion in a particular location to improve your local presence
  • Identify engaged prospects to inform your marketing campaign
  • Send location-specific deals only to those who are eligible
Discover Force24’s retention strategies for marketing automation.

Free training and support – for life

For the lifetime of your agreement with Force24 you will have access to free online one-to-one training for our email marketing automation platform.

Our objective is to empower you via training to ensure you get the maximum return from using your email automation platform.


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