Maintain relationships –
Without the effort

It costs five times more to acquire a customer than to retain one. You know your existing customers are your most valuable asset. That’s why Force24 treats retention with the utmost importance, providing a positive brand experience to secure multiple purchases, upsells and cross-sells. With our bespoke tools, you can increase the life time value (LTV) of each customer, to increase the revenue generated by your existing client base.

It costs five times more to acquire a new customer than to retain one.
Force24 are here to help you do just that. 

Harness the power of
retargeting using behavioural intelligence

Make an impact when you retarget both customer and prospects alike, with relevant content, discounts and communications based on their precise browsing history and brand engagement.

Force24 has an intelligent retargeting solution, enabling you to monitor the web activity of users, and tailor bespoke communications to increase their life time value.

  • Powerful behavioural marketing focused on subscribers’ browsing history
  • Retain customers by delivering bespoke, high-impact content
  • Cross-sell products and services that match their precise needs
  • Ensure prospects see what you want them to see next based on previous engagement

Reinforce the value
of your business

Conversion may be the end of the prospect lifecycle, but it’s just the beginning of another equally important journey. In order to retain your customers, Force24 helps to deliver a positive brand experience from the transactional communications post-sale, to their next purchase and beyond.

Force24 makes mastering the customer lifecycle simple, by nurturing and monitoring brand engagement until they are ready to purchase again or upgrade their service. Our intelligence-led approach delivers a proven way to secure repeat custom, and ultimately loyalty.

  • Understand and harness the customer lifecycle
  • Nurture existing clients to secure multiple purchases and upsells
  • Intuitive communications tailored to individual customers
  • Ensure your customers’ trust and loyalty
  • Make your customers feel valued

Secure brand loyalty
from the outset

80% of revenue for most companies comes from just 20% of their customers – the loyal customers. Ensure those important first experiences are positive in the crucial days and weeks after a conversion to secure customers and revenue for the future.

Force24 takes a sensitive and intuitive approach to nursery communications during this early stage of the lifecycle, gently nurturing customers to build up trust and brand loyalty.

  • Intuitive communications to encourage brand loyalty
  • Gently nurture your new customers to keep them engaged
  • Secure positive brand experiences from the outset

Amplify the impact of a
positive brand experience

When a customer has a positive brand experience, Refer-a-Friend schemes can generate new business to help you grow. This strategy is particularly successful for high value sales.

Trust plays an important role in securing a high value purchase, and recommendations from friends and family can be extremely influential on prospects. Force24 can tailor bespoke Refer-a-Friend offers for your brand.

  • Incentivise customers to make referrals
  • Secure conversions from recommended prospects with discounts
  • Bespoke Refer-a-Friend schemes to suit your business model

Increase the life time
value of customers

Utilise upselling and cross selling to boost the lifetime value of a customer.

From service upgrades to relevant products and add-ons, Force24 can help you master the art of upselling. Our methods are proven to boost brand loyalty, so you can seize these simple opportunities to grow your revenue.

  • Maximise the value of each individual customer
  • Retarget customers at key points in the life cycle
  • Promote related products and services

A multi-channel approach
to transactional communications

SMS engagement rates are 6 to 8 times higher than that of emails, and direct mail is a great tool for communicating important or sensitive documents. Engage with your customers on the move and at home or at the office by integrating SMS and direct mail into your customer life cycle communications.

We will help you to deliver relevant communications, from order updates to promotional codes, to retain customers and engage with them on an on-going basis through multiple channels.

  • Promote flash sales, events, and discount codes
  • Harness a multi-channel approach for cross selling and upselling campaigns
  • Improve customer service with transaction updates and notifications
See how we work – see our Platform Features.

Free training and support – for life

For the lifetime of your agreement with Force24 you will have access to free online one-to-one training for our email marketing automation platform.

Our objective is to empower you via training to ensure you get the maximum return from using your email automation platform.


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